*~* <3NikKi Is lOrD OvEr nOtHing* ~*<3 (lameasskanikki) wrote in letters_to_jxn,
*~* <3NikKi Is lOrD OvEr nOtHing* ~*<3

tonight roomie needed

my roomie informs me tonight right before getting in the shower that she can no longer afford living here and will be moving next month. great im screwed. i cant lose my house its the only place ive ever been safe you wouldnt understand unless you came from a family like mine.

anywho i need a roomie fast . the bills are a little under $500 a month . so we each would pay a little under $500 a month please pass this along.... to not crazies.

she said i guess we will have to put a ad in the paper . i really dont want to live with a complete stranger that no one i know can vouch for not killing me in my sleep.
pass it on please :)
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